Firewall IP ranges

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Firewall IP ranges

Postby rsilva » Wed May 01, 2019 8:43 am


We are moving our app to a different application service and I'd like to open the firewall to be able to talk with WURFL.

Can you guys provide me the IPs range that the response?

I am not able to use the domain name under the PCF, that's why I am asking for the whole IP list.

I realize that this domain resolves for different IPs.


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Re: Firewall IP ranges

Postby aaronp » Wed May 01, 2019 11:12 am

Hi Rodrigo,

Thanks for reaching out with your request about IPs to whitelist.

In order to keep the price of WURFL Cloud low while maintaining a very scalable infrastructure, we have used AWS for hosting, which means the IP addresses change very regularly. While you could whitelist the entire AWS EC2 IP space, this list of networks is hundreds or thousands long.

For customers with security concerns that are not compatible with DNS-based firewall rules, we recommend an on-premise alternative like WURFL OnSite or WURFL InFuze. These products can be installed within the application (WURFL OnSite), much like WURFL Cloud is, or at the server/load-balancer level (WURFL InFuze) or even as a centralized Docker container in your environment (WURFL Microservices for Docker).

Lastly, we do also have a client-side option called WURFL.js, in which the client device requests a piece of javascript from us which resolves the device characteristics, which you can then use from javascript, or send back to the server.

Our product finder should help you determine what product is best, given the constraints:

We're happy to guide you further or get you setup with a trial anytime! I have also created a ticket for you (which you should see in your email) so please feel free to respond there for any further questions or concerns.



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