Sync ML capability (vs OMA Support ?)

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Sync ML capability (vs OMA Support ?)

Postby OLWu1 » Tue Feb 07, 2012 9:31 am


My need is to get devices supporting Sync-ML;
Do you have any idea which capa I could use ?

For exemple, does OMA_support include Sync_ML support ?

Thanks in advance,

best ragrds

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Re: Sync ML capability (vs OMA Support ?)

Postby kamermans » Tue Feb 07, 2012 4:43 pm

Hi - thanks for your request.

The capability you mentioned (oma_support), does not guarantee that the device supports SyncML. As we do not currently have a capability for SyncML, you will need to find another approach, like determining the families of devices that have support for SyncML (for example, Apple iOS 3+, Symbian S40/S60, etc). To keep this logic out of your application's code, you can use a WURFL Patch file to merge these capabilities directly into the WURFL data, which is then loaded by your API, so you can create your own capability, "syncml_support" and populate it. To properly implement this approach, you would likely want to set "generic" device to "syncml_support = false", then pick the device OS entries, like generic_android_ver2_3 and override them to "syncml_support = true".

If you have a very specific need for this capability, and a budget for it as well, you may want to contact us offline and see if there's a way we can collect this data for you and introduce SyncML-related capabilities.

Steve Kamerman

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