wurfl - Google analytics

I have this HTTP request, I expected this, but WURFL is returning that. Please provide enough data to reproduce the problem.
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wurfl - Google analytics

Postby clemsongrad » Thu Aug 04, 2016 10:27 am


Even though some of the device information is present in Wurfl, it is not reflected in Google analytics (still shows unset).

So i have been look at https://web.wurfl.io/

I see the following note

4. Google Analytics is collecting information about the device through custom variables.

Can we elaborate on the dependency on how the device is identified?

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Re: wurfl - Google analytics

Postby david » Thu Aug 04, 2016 11:18 am


Devices are detected in WURFL.js using a combination of string matching on the user agent and in some cases additional javascript tests (things like screen size and pixel ratio).

The custom variables that is being referred to in that blurb is a feature of Google Analytics.

You can learn more about it and how to set it up here: https://www.sitepoint.com/google-analyt ... variables/


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