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Upgrade WURFL to API

Posted: Tue Nov 07, 2017 1:59 pm
by aaronp
ScientiaMobile has released version of its WURFL API. To get the best possible performance from your WURFL solution, you should have both the latest API ( and our most recent XML (released weekly to Commercial license customers).

What’s New in WURFL Release

- Breaking: The default version of Android is now 4.0. Undetecteable/corrupted Android User-Agents will now return a more appropriate OS version.

- Added support for
- Upcoming iOS versions
- Upcoming Android versions
- Edge browser on iOS and Android
- Steam in-game requests
- Firefox Focus
- Yandex Desktop

- Improved detection of
- Fire OS
- iPhone hardware
- Apps
- Huawei devices
- Firefox on Android User-Agents
- Android and iOS UCbrowser User-Agents
- Edge browser

- Added additional validation for advertised_device_os
- MongoDB: Fixed exception "document to insert contains invalid key" with mongodb driver > 1.2.6