Upgrade to API v1.9.5.0

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Upgrade to API v1.9.5.0

Postby aaronp » Mon Jul 23, 2018 3:06 pm

We've updated our WURFL API to version, which includes some deprecations, added support for Android P and TV OS user agents, and more.

What's new in


- The optional parameter to override the sideloaded browser (Eg. For WURFL PHP API $override_sideloaded_browser in HttpRequest::__construct(array $request_headers, $override_sideloaded_browser_ua = true)) has been deprecated and its TRUE logic will be the standard logic used. This API will emit a DEPRECATED error if override_sideloaded_browser is not set to TRUE.
- As reported in WURFL API, fast desktop match is now deprecated.

Changed some return values for the advertised_device_os virtual capability to align with device_os static capability:

- "Bada" is now "Bada OS"
- "Nokia Series 40" is now "S40 OS"
- "Symbian" is now "Symbian OS"

Added Support for:

- Certain Android P user-agents
- Certain TV OS User-Agent formats
- Digital Assistants
- New Opera browser versions
- New Tizen versions
- Upcoming Android and iOS versions
- New tvOS versions

Improved Support for:

- is_app capability for SmartTV devices
- Expanded app detection Support via: is_app/advertised_app_name

Optimized model name extraction for certain Android apps that send irregular User-Agent structures.

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