We've Updated Our WURFL API -

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We've Updated Our WURFL API -

Postby jonathanc » Tue Mar 01, 2022 10:48 am

What's new in

Added support for:
  • custom user-agents for Android, iOS and other platforms
Expanded support for:
  • User-Agent Client Hints
  • SmartTVs, STBs and other OTT devices
  • App detection via is_app and advertised_app_name
Added methods isUaFrozen and headerQuality:
Note: Support for User-Agent Client Hints is now turned on by default.

Removed internal interface WURFLHeaderProvider and its implementations (deprecated from March 2018)

Removed old commons-lang dependency and updated the commons-lang3 one

Replaced dependency logback-classic with logback-core

Engine methods getDeviceById and its overloads now throw NPE if device ID is null:
  • Previous versions threw IllegalArgumentException

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