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Upgrade WURFL to new API

Posted: Wed Apr 20, 2016 1:43 pm
by aaronp
ScientiaMobile has released version of its WURFL API. To get the best possible performance from your WURFL solution, you should have both the latest API ( and our most recent XML (released weekly to paying customers). The new API will improve detection of:

Palemoon browser
Certain Bravia SmartTVs
New iOS devices
Certain Desktop Apps
We have resolved issues related to how Microsoft IIS distorts User-Agents when they are logged. Previously, this had a negative impact on the device detection process.

We have also improved the control capability mechanism that allows the WURFL API to increase the accuracy of virtual capabilities.

Version is available across all WURFL products. WURFL OnSite users can download here. We have moved downloads of the API to, which requires an account username and password. Please contact us if you have any issues registering for an account.

WURFL InFuze customers can log in and download the new API from here .

WURFL Cloud, WURFL.js, and WURFL InSight customers will automatically benefit from version - no downloads necessary.