Max data rate and TAC code

I don't get it, <device> X has no capabilities in it!!!!
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Max data rate and TAC code

Postby OLWu1 » Thu May 24, 2012 2:05 am


In my work, I need some informations about devices.

Bearer type :
I would like to know if you plan to create new capa with all bearer devices. (UMTS, EDGE, HDSPA, HDUPA, ...)
Right now, we got the inforation through max_data_rate, but it's not accurate. For exemple, the difference between HDSPA and HSUPA is the upload rate... that is not provided in wurfl.
I think also that many new technology are in the same range of download rate. There is more than one type of 4G or 3G, and it's not easy to convert the bandwitch in a network type.
(for exemple, to know if the device can connect on another network in another part of the world)

Tac codes
Each model has a list of tac code that allow any system to identify the series very easily. It is an information our team need a lot, and i wondered if there was any way for wurlf to add this datas in the database.

Thank you
Pierre Bonneau

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Re: Max data rate and TAC code

Postby sm_support2 » Wed Aug 29, 2012 8:08 am

Hi Pierre, we hear these requests and we will consider inclusion in our roadmap, but we cannot commit to anything at the moment.


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