OTA (Over The Air) settings support

I don't get it, <device> X has no capabilities in it!!!!
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OTA (Over The Air) settings support

Postby sahil4u91 » Thu Jul 19, 2012 1:54 am


I'm working on a small assignment to detect if a device supports OTA settings/configuration.

In case you want to know the details of OTA configuration

Cellular providers send SMS to devices. This SMS contains the APN to use GPRS and 3G services.
Upon saving this message, the APN in the device is automatically configured.

Eg. OTA works in Nokia 6630, Android devices but doesn't work in iOS devices

In the capability list (http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/help_doc.php) I could find "siemens_ota" but this value is not the correct one. Can you please help me out with the following...
  • If there is a capability that shows if device supports OTA configuration.
    If there are a set of capabilities that indicate if device supports OTA configuration.

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Re: OTA (Over The Air) settings support

Postby kamermans » Thu Jul 19, 2012 3:33 pm

We do not have many OTA-related capabilities, particularly due to a lack of demand from our customers, and a lack of a good collection method or data source to gather appropriate values for the devices in WURFL. It seems to me that this can also get a little messy since the OTA config capabilities may be a combination of device, OS, and carrier.

Steve Kamerman

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