MandatoryCapabilityMissing exception

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MandatoryCapabilityMissing exception

Postby trickydee » Thu Dec 24, 2015 9:53 pm

Any particular reason if during engine startup we might get:

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cannot initialize: net.sourceforge.wurfl.core.exc.MandatoryCapabilityMissing: Mandatory capabilities missing from configuration: resolution_height, resolution_width, preferred_markup, brand_name, can_assign_phone_number, xhtml_support_level, ux_full_desktop, is_smarttv, model_name, marketing_name, pointing_method

Is it not possible to initialise the engine with only "is_wireless_device,is_mobile,is_tablet,device_os,device_os_version,physical_screen_width,physical_screen_height,advertised_browser,advertised_browser_version"? I think this used to work before.


Re: MandatoryCapabilityMissing exception

Postby Elliotfehr » Fri Dec 25, 2015 11:53 pm

When building your `WURFLEngine`, there is a mandatory set of capabilities that must be added to your capability filter in order for the class to initialize. The current list and documentation can be found here.

Starting in v1.6.4.1, the `mobile_browser_version` capability was added to the mandatory list, making the current required capabilities:

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String[] capabilities = {
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